My second NG is airborne

The last days I worked a lot on my second NG UAVP quadrocopter. I had many of the parts ready since weeks. But I decided to do some things different than planned. But in between, all things were done and it was time to get my new aircraft airborne. And it flew! Unfortunately I had some interferences, but look yourself!

Maiden flight of my second NG UAVP from Stefan Agner on Vimeo.

Maiden flight of my second NG UAVP quadrocopterThe second quadrocopter is a lot easier to build. The whole world of quadrocopter and radio controlled model making in general was very new to me. I made wrong decisions or just didn’t know how I want to have it in the end… Here is a small lists of improvements I made on my second quadrocopter. It might help other beginners to do it better in first place 🙂 Continue reading “My second NG is airborne”


Carbon fiber centerplates
Carbon fiber centerplates

For my next Quadrocopter I plan a bit nicer frame. Because construction isn’t my strong point I prefer something simple but reasonable priced. These out of the box frames were too expensive. Construction one by myself was not an option. Fortunately Robert made some very nice Frames and Centerplates. At first I wanted to build a CargoNG. I opted for centreplates only but in exchange with carbon fiber. Without a full frame it is easier to build and I have more freedom In terms of adding more circuit boards or a digital camera. Also if once I test some newly developed code and undergo a heavy bug, its not that expensive to repair the Quadrocopter 🙂 Continue reading “Centerplates”