My second NG is airborne

The last days I worked a lot on my second NG UAVP quadrocopter. I had many of the parts ready since weeks. But I decided to do some things different than planned. But in between, all things were done and it was time to get my new aircraft airborne. And it flew! Unfortunately I had some interferences, but look yourself!

Maiden flight of my second NG UAVP from Stefan Agner on Vimeo.

Maiden flight of my second NG UAVP quadrocopterThe second quadrocopter is a lot easier to build. The whole world of quadrocopter and radio controlled model making in general was very new to me. I made wrong decisions or just didn’t know how I want to have it in the end… Here is a small lists of improvements I made on my second quadrocopter. It might help other beginners to do it better in first place 🙂 Continue reading “My second NG is airborne”

Bus Pirate

Bus Pirate
Bus Pirate

As I wrote yesterday I bougth the Bus Pirate from Seeedstudio and a nice case. Another team member found this nice tool. It can be used to prototype and test electronic deviecs with buses such as UART, SPI or I2C. As I saw the ability to work as an AVR programmer and even a JTAG adapter I was persuaded of it as well. It looks like a perfect devleoper device for the NG UAVP.
With delivery I paid about 55$ for both parts. The case from US arrived way faster then the Pirate itself from China, but finally both made their way to Switzerland! I needed to alter the case with a nail file a little bit to make sure the USB connector has enought space. Built into its case it looks very nice!
The firmware on the delivered device was not that up to date:

Bus Pirate v3 (Seeed Studio)
Firmware v2.4-Seeed
DEVID:0x0447 REVID:0x3043 (B5)

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