New blog appearance

After several weeks of silence I could finally find enough motivation and time to update my blog. I renamed it to “Envolving NG UAVP”, because, you might have heard it, I joined the development team of the NG UAVP in between. Now I try hard to help evolving this wonderful multicopter platform! To address the international community I decided to switch the language of this blog to English. The old NG UAVP from Scratch blog posts stay in german and are archived under its own category NG UAVP from Scratch.

Currently we work on several things for the NG UAVP: First of all we improved GPS support. We also tested new build toolchains and think about new control algorithm. All in all, its very interessting and I’m very happy do be part of the team!

I also bought new equipment: I have now a maas SPS-30 II power supply to load my LiPo’s quickly. I also bought a Bluetooth Bee, a serial extender with X-Bee pin alignment, but I could not test it yet. Also from Seedstudio I bought the Bus Pirate, an universial bus connector, programmer and even debugger.

My NG UAVP is still flying! But nevertheless I plan to build a second NG UAVP: I want to use nicer Centerplates, better motors and, finally, the TowerPro BLC’s with Quax firmware. But I still build it as simple as reasonable possible, I prefer to spend my time on developing software than building nice frames! 🙂